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Those Ataris? For real?

In media, music, music video on May 15, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Glancing through my local event listings and noticed that the Ataris (yes, the boys of freakin’ summer) are still playing shows, still going on tour, with…wait for it…a new album this summer. Who likes The Ataris anymore? Aren’t they stuck in the dreaded no man’s land? The mainstream doesn’t know they exist anymore after their flavor of the week status has ended, yet they’re original fans remember the betrayal. No place for the Ataris to go. Maybe they should bank on whole new level of nostalgia and call themselves The N64s.

Tour dates (in case you’re interested) and the “Boys of Summer” vid for (old time’s sake) after the jump.

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interv. w/ mc lars

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2009 at 5:54 pm

MC Lars

No doubt I’m a big fan of MC Lars, just got his new one–Gigantic Robot Kills in the mail. His cutting commentary about punk rock and other suburban pop topics is definitely needed. Good to see then a nat’l mag like URB is giving him some love with an interview. This is one of the few on-set, in-person interviews I’ve seen with him. (h/t Emotional punk).
And after the jump, a vid of Lars’ “Guitar Hero Hero” with a bunch of kids messing around.

The best: MC Lars: “Honestly, nerdcore to me is kind of a limited genre,” he professes. “There are all these kids now who sample Nintendo music and rap about how high school is boring, and that is so uninteresting to me. It’s hip-hop in that people are talking about their lives, but the problem with nerdcore is that it’s a joke.”
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