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Lit Randomness: Andrei Codrescu, Seth Godin and negative book reviews

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As I try to do every Mon and Wed, here’s Lit Randomness. Send links over to deckfight [at]

Interv. w/ Andrei Codrescu: At 3 A.M.
I was introduced and then inundated with Codrescu while living in NOLA…but he still always offers a quality perspective. His new book is The Posthuman Dada Guide.

The best: “You should live in at least seven countries for a minimum of one year in each before you are seventeen, and must speak and write at least five languages in order to be a half-decent poet.”–Codrescu

Seth Godin on what authors should do to promote themselves: From Godin’s blog (h/t booksquare).
The best: “Far better to obsess about a little subset of the market–that subset that you have permission to talk with, that subset where you have credibility, and most important, that subset where people just can’t live without your book.”–Seth Godin

Why book critics won’t stop: At the WSJ. (h/t book bench)

Finally downloaded Ben Tanzer’s new book from CCLAP. It’s been out a couple of months, but will review it soon.


interv. w/ author tao lin about money

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The Urban Elitist is putting together a series of interviews with not big-time authors about how they make money. Here’s one with Tao Lin. Anybody who visits random literary websites has run into Tao Lin. He’s all over the place (I think he once tried to befriend everyone on Goodreads). His style is jarring in a good way, and his comments always pithy and sarcastic–like he’s putting on performance art for himself like Joaquin Phoenix’s recent binge. (h/t largehearted).
The best: “I feel that having a blog increases the amount of abstract space “Tao Lin” takes up in people’s lives. When a person looks at my blog they see my name and the books I have published (the header), causing other information that they “know” to exist less, to a degree, and be replaced by information about me and my oeuvre, which causes them to be more inclined maybe to buy my books or talk about me during awkward silences…”-Tao Lin