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first person: 3/7/09 anathallo at cat’s cradle: carrboro, NC

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At Elmo’s in Carrboro and I’m a bit disappointed because we’re eating in a strip mall next to the Harris Teeter. That’s okay, because the place is packed and we luckily get a seat inside (but I usually hate places that are full…or maybe I just hate waiting in line). Yes, I’ll have the chicken and dumplings with a sweet tea. She decides on the pulled pork. We debate the merits of Canopy Glow versus Floating World. I say “Floating World” is a natural evolution from Sparrows though with a more narrative vibe. No, she says, Floating World has those weird songs (the ones about dogs, I guess?) but I think it’s the crazy percussion that she doesn’t like. She likes Canopy Glow: the sweet female vocals the more traditionally arranged, softer songs. One time, I said, I listened to Canopy Glow on iTunes and the songs continued to the first song off “Sparrows” –the one about Aaron holding his peace and I thought for a second it was a Canopy Glow song because it had the same rhythm, the same flow, but then I recognized it. Though, “Aaron Held his Peace” does not fit in with the rest of Sparrows, it fits in with Canopy Glow. There, I said, the new one is nothing new, per se, but a return, just like the songs about the crazy dogs (“Hanasaka…what?)

We had seen Anathallo twice before together, but this was the first time that she was excited.
The table next to us didn’t pay, she said.
The check comes and I leave a tip for $2.38. Yahoo! Maps said from my house to Cat’s Cradle was two hours and 38 minutes.
It was appropriate then that my friend Jason was coming…
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first-person: los campesinos! at cat’s cradle

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Los Campesinos

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Friday night and it’s freezing; bowling ended at 5 (I left early with still two frames left in my game) so the puppy could be fed at someone else’s house and the puppy could get slammed around by a bigger dog, and learn a lesson (he’s been learning a lot lately) and so finally we made it back on the road after stopping to fill up our car with gas and air (cold, not hot air) and after we pulled a u-turn around a smithfield’s chicken (it was crowded, like a grand opening with balloons and stuff) and opted for KFC instead (the strips come in 3, 6, or 12–they are all spicy), because we had to make the two hour trip to carrboro/chapel hill (it really is the same place, basically) and on the way while eating my chicken strips i spilled barbecue sauce on my pants and got barbecue sauce on my wife’s hand (i then switched to honey mustard) and now we’re on our way…
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