Lit randomness: Ben Greenman and Rhett Miller, Baum on Twitter, Jimmy Chen and small presses

In books, lit randomness on May 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Lit Randomness is something we try to do every Mon and Wed. Always looking for links to interviews, stories and other etcetera.

Ben Greenman author of the new Please Step Back and Rhett Miller: At Largehearted.
Curiously, just found out about Greenman’s work, and here’s his funny reading tour rider over at McSweeneys.

Dan Baum, Twitter and the New Yorker: At his Twitter and American Prospect (h/t Media Bistro). Interview w/ Baum: At Baby Got Books.

Jimmy Chen and small presses: At Dogplotz. His new one of fiction is Typewriter at Magic Helicopter Press.
Been reading a lot over here, where Chen apparently contributes some stuff as well. UPDATE: And it’s Jimmy Chen wk (or it was) at this website that looks like this one. WordPress Doppelganger.


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