Can the Gaslight Anthem bridge worlds? In ATL, Carrboro and Balt.

In music, music video on May 5, 2009 at 4:38 am

There’s no doubt that indie rock exists in two spheres: that of independent rock of punk and screamo bands on labels like Fat Wreck Chords or Victory and that of “indie rock” stereotyped as pretentious holier-than-thou starving artist types. Is there any room to unite? Can we allow Thursday and The Thermals to exist in the same world? Or Dashboard Confessional and Colin Meloy? Maybe it’s not style, but melody versus non-melody. One of my faves in this is The Appleseed Cast. They’re on a teeny-bopper punk label for the most part, but play introspective moody math (formerly emo) rock. Please point me to common ground.

Now here comes a fairly new entrant: The Gaslight Anthem. With upbeat, competent and at times even impressive alt-country stylings, Gaslight contains the new fad of Brooklyn’s best posers as an upbeat, updated version of The Hold Steady. And Alt-Press covers to boot Williamsburg cred out the door. Good thing they’re from Jersey. Their label may or may not help. Side One Dummy contains indie rock fave Gogol Bordello along with other punk bubblegum pop like Broadway Calls.

So can the Gaslight Anthem do it? If not them, hopefully somebody and sometime soon. Vid of “Great Expectations” after the jump.

May 5 2009 ATL, GA @The Masquerade w/Heartless Bastards and Good Old War
May 6 2009 CARRBORO, NC @ Cat’s Cradle w/Pela and Good Old War
May 7 2009 Towson, MD @Recher Theatre w/Pela and Good Old War


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