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In books, Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 at 6:43 pm

From Maud Newton‘s blog a couple of weeks ago, about the desire of readers to know what inspired a book.
The best: Even small changes of timing, circumstance, and location create different narrative logic and evoke distinct moods, and cumulatively these alterations can be so significant that it’s misleading to speak in terms of a story diverging from fact at a single point — i.e., “it’s all true, except she didn’t really kill him” or “his mother was exactly like that, although she was suffering from Alzheimer’s rather than Parkinson’s.”

Elizabeth Bachner’s meditation on Second Book Slump at Bookslut.
The best: “Now, it seems like maybe you don’t even have to write a dazzling first novel before you write your boring second novel — you can even start out publishing a debut book that reminds everyone of the work of some other disappointing writer.”

Writing: Hobart‘s April Baseball Issue is always a, uh, homerun. Here’s The Eric Chavez sonnets that includes links to other pieces.


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