4/18-Record Store Day

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2009 at 2:26 am

Saturday is Record Store Day, a time when high-minded fans get together and discuss High Fidelity and Empire Records and probably now, Be Kind Rewind. Ok, that last one is not a record store but anything made on a disc is starting to fall in that category. Speaking of discs, love records (just bought two in the last wk…), hate CDs and from the looks of things, most of the cool specials will tend towards the black plastic (or multi-colored! with sleeves!).

But if you’re in my (large) neck of the woods, the following stores I recommend for Record Store Day:

SchoolKids Records-Raleigh
CD Alley-Wilmington, NC
Gravity Records-Wilmington, NC
Criminal Records-Atlanta (w/ Manchester Orchestra and The Selmanaires)
Decatur CD-Atlanta
School Kids-Athens
Daddy Kool-St. Pete, FL
Park Ave CDs-Orlando
Grimey’s-Nashville (w/ Mute Math, The Avett Brothers and others listed)
Ear X-Tacy-Louisville, KY


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