first-person: los campesinos! at cat’s cradle

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Los Campesinos

Originally uploaded by John Darwin Kurc

Friday night and it’s freezing; bowling ended at 5 (I left early with still two frames left in my game) so the puppy could be fed at someone else’s house and the puppy could get slammed around by a bigger dog, and learn a lesson (he’s been learning a lot lately) and so finally we made it back on the road after stopping to fill up our car with gas and air (cold, not hot air) and after we pulled a u-turn around a smithfield’s chicken (it was crowded, like a grand opening with balloons and stuff) and opted for KFC instead (the strips come in 3, 6, or 12–they are all spicy), because we had to make the two hour trip to carrboro/chapel hill (it really is the same place, basically) and on the way while eating my chicken strips i spilled barbecue sauce on my pants and got barbecue sauce on my wife’s hand (i then switched to honey mustard) and now we’re on our way…

i just downloaded the new release (we are beautiful, we are doomed) the night before, burned it and listened to on the way which got a “you are obsessed” comment from my wife, which is true, which is how i found the concert in the first place and decided to make this two hour trip to Raleigh in the freezing weather (no breakdowns, good deal). oh man, i sang the songs in that two hour trip, i tried to imbue them into my brain, having already memorized the ep and the first album, so i was ready for the full frontal assault of fun. we made it to chapel hill/carrboro ( i say it that way, because we went down main st (carrboro) and ended up on franklin st. (chapel hill) and turned back around down rosa…something (carrboro) and drove past cat’s cradle) and found a place to park where we weren’t sure if we could, and looked for the hipsters to follow. we found them and walked inside to the normal looking black walled venue, with kids in sweaters and scarves and stripes (stripes are the new black) and my wife almost walked into the ‘green room’ that wasn’t green, because she saw a bathroom through a door, but no one chided us and we found a good place overlooking the crowd and stage, not crowded and not sweaty, because we are now old and this is the way old people are supposed to enjoy shows, even of bands they immensely like. there was more room to dance back there. titus andronicus was up first, who i knew in name only, but we were in the back near the bar where a TV was–when a murmur came through the crowd: it’s Titus! the bearded boy with a scarf said and we teetered over to our respective places, like lemmings looking for a cliff. oh, but they provided a cliff of great joy and amusement!

Blistering through their songs, led by a keyboard, and crazy erratic crowd banter about the band spider bags, jersey and whatever else, we bopped to the tunes of the post-punk happy blissfulness of titus andronicus, and even a harmonic was played. i was won over, for the most part. we tried to get some coffee in between sets, but none was made, and then this 6’6″ guy threw his jacket over my wife’s head, and there was a large television playing the cavs/hornets game in which lebron had an incredible putback that awed the assembled crowd, proving that basketball and indie rock do indeed exist and thrive together.

next was the main event of los campesinos!, and i was expecting a layout of epic proportions, gareth set up a xylophone and two snares–this was to be his playground for the next two hours as he entered into his rapping/singing/craziness–the xylophone was more important to their setup than I ever could imagine. They played most of the hits, i think, starting off with “Ways To Make It Through the Wall” which with its inspired punk guitars is my favorite off the new one, but “You! Me! Dancing!” had an incredible buildup and was accompanied by Gareth’s customary dancing (so I’ve heard). The rest of the band was pretty much subdued, including Aleksandra who handled a lot of the normal vocals, other standouts included “This is How You Spell ‘Hahaha, we destroyed the hopes and dreams of faux romantics'” when they said the lyrics “cease and desist!” there were self-appointed dancers assuming the stage, the band gave them their song-included warning, yet the dancing continued until being forcibly removed, gareth was visibly worried about a hanging ceiling tile that he did not want to be liable for if and when pitchfork found out, and it was the birthday of tom the guitarist. filing out, a girl in a headband said she was so sweaty and there are tons of iphone photos to prove it, i’m sure. i’m sure.
Drove back, two more hours, pumped on energy and a drink from the open-eye cafe from which i procured a large dark blend, while people ended their evening with ballroom dancing lessons, and it was still cold and freezing.

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