In print on March 21, 2008 at 2:44 am

Here’s Ted from the Post via PastePunk on the future of newspapers. He’s right about the distribution points, but wrong (as a commenter said) about newspapers binding together… that will create more conglomerates, rather than new voices. With that said, perhaps the NY Times company or the Washington Post company should be going after bebo.com or hi5.com. I still think the print product has a place, but a reversal to a focus on the online would be an improvement, as well as papers having a deduction in the amount that they print. Newspapers should come out no more than three days per week–a large weekend edition, supplemented by a Tuesday and Thursday edition (weekend preview–events and sports). Breaking news comes out online, followed by investigative pieces in the print…it’s still easier to read longer pieces in print, at least for another five years.


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